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Types of Employment Physicals

Certain jobs, employers and fields may require you to undergo a physical in order to receive or maintain necessary medical certifications to perform your duties safely and without harm. While virtually any employer can request a physical as part of the hiring or review process, some professions require them in order to follow local or state regulations. Some employment physicals include:

DOT Physicals

Certain professional drivers, including truck drivers and bus drivers, may be required to possess a current Medical Examiner’s Certificate (MEC) prior to receiving their commercial driver’s license. During your DOT Physical, your doctor will check several aspects of your overall health to ensure they meet local and federal guidelines, including eyesight, blood pressure, hearing and stress levels. In addition to possessing at least 20/40 vision, you will need to be able to differentiate between colors of traffic lights in order to pass your exam. Corrective lenses that restore your eyesight will be allowed as you continue to pursue your CDL. Your doctor will also test your hearing by performing a forced whisper test from several feet away and perform a urinalysis to check for medical conditions such as diabetes.

Return-to-Work Physicals

If you have sustained an injury while working that required you to take a leave of absence from your job, you will need to undergo a Functional Capacity Evaluation prior to your return. An FCE checks your ability to perform certain actions at the same level as before your accident, including motion, flexibility, and handling ability. A routine drug screen will be included to check for safe levels of doctor-prescribed medications to reduce any lingering symptoms. Prior to your return-to-work physical, you should make sure the doctor performing it has the details of your treatment, including any medications you have been on before or since the accident. This information will be kept confidential from your employer.

BasicMed Flight Physicals

A physical and medical certification is required to attain your pilot’s license, whether you are looking to operate small or commercial grade aircraft. If you are looking to operate an aircraft with up to six passengers onboard, you can meet this requirement by passing a BasicMed Flight Physical. You will be required to undergo your initial examination, as well as follow-ups every two to four years, with a state-licensed physician. Receiving medical certification prior to beginning flying lessons in order to detect any potential conditions that can disqualify you from attaining a license. Conditions that prevent you from receiving a pilot’s license include substance abuse, diabetes requiring hypoglycemia medication and various heart conditions and disease.
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