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Frequently Asked Questions About STD Testing

While you undergo your annual physical and testing, you should make sure you include STD testing. Your sexual health is a critical part of your overall health, and testing is the only way you will be able to tell if you have certain diseases and infections to receive proper treatment. Do you have questions about STD and STI testing? AFC Urgent Care Cedar Grove has answers.

How long does an STD test take?

Most sexually transmitted diseases can be tested for quickly by taking a sample from your blood, urine or check tissue before having it analyzed in our on-site lab. Unlike other clinics or an emergency room, the entire process takes place in our urgent care center, eliminating the wait for samples to be transported and analyzed off-site. Our lab can get you results in shorter times, allowing us to quickly begin discussing treatment options.

When should I get tested for an STD?

Sexually transmitted diseases and infections can live within your body for quite some time without you noticing as many do not present with physical symptoms. Since your body won’t be able to let you know that something is wrong, an easily treatable infection can quickly grow and develop into something more serious that affects your overall health. Testing should be a part of your regular health routine, occurring:

  • When you change partners
  • If you have intercourse with multiple partners
  • At least once per year

Your doctor may recommend undergoing testing more frequently based on risk factors. Talk to your doctor about how frequently you should be tested as well as the most effective forms of protection and prevention for your situation.

Are STDs treatable?

When caught early, many sexually transmitted diseases and infections can be treated with medication. However, waiting too long to get tested can allow the infections to continue developing and moving through your body, eventually becoming something more serious. Undergoing testing every six to twelve months will help you know your status and get the treatment you need. For more serious infections, symptoms can be managed with medications.

Discreet STD Testing & Treatment in Cedar Grove, NJ

If you are interested in undergoing STD testing to know your status and receive any necessary treatment, visit AFC Urgent Care Cedar Grove today. Our on-site lab allows us to provide you with results quickly. For questions, please call 973-239-2300.