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Why Now is the Best Time to Get a Flu Shot

Flu season is in its earliest stages and will continue through the winter and into the late spring. During this time, the influenza virus will reach epidemic status in the United States with millions of people contracting it. Luckily, the virus is preventable by getting a flu shot. Learn why you and your family should get an updated flu shot each year, especially earlier in the fall!

The flu shot is not immediately effective

Your body needs time to learn how to fight against influenza virus after being exposed to a weakened strain. It takes about two weeks for your immune system to be able to recognize what the flu is and determine how to defeat it. Waiting later into the fall or winter to get your flu shot can leave you vulnerable to catching the virus before your body is fully immune, which can lead to you getting sick. While you would be protected from the virus for the rest of flu season, you can still get sick while it is at its peak. Getting the flu shot early keeps you from getting infected throughout flu season and allows your body more time to adjust and get ready to fight the current strain.  

Shorter wait times

 As the flu season continues and the virus begins to spread rapidly, you’ll notice longer wait times at local minute clinics or pharmacies to get immunized. Getting your flu shot earlier in the season, even before the first cases are reported in your area, can keep you from waiting in long lines that can throw you off schedule. You can get your flu shot while you’re visiting for other purposes, including school and employment physicals or routine bloodwork. The CDC recommends that people receive their flu shots by the end of October for protection through the spring.

Peace of mind for the entire flu season

 You only get so many days off a year. Using them on days where you are stuck at home, uncomfortable with flu symptoms and unable to do anything productive can be easily prevented. Symptoms of the flu include fever, congestion, nausea and headache. While you still may catch a cold every now and then, preventing the flu with the immunization frees up the rest of your valuable vacation time.

Walk-In Flu Shots in Cedar Grove, NJ

It’s not too early to get vaccinated! If you are interested in getting your flu shot and beating the rush, visit AFC Urgent Care Cedar Grove today! Our center accepts walk-in patients seven days a week and accepts most major insurance plans, with low-cost shots available for self-pay visitors. For questions, please call 973-239-2300.