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Injury Treatment in Cedar Grove, NJ

Injuries can happen at any time, at any scale ranging from minor bumps and scrapes to fractures, sprains and deep cuts. More serious injuries require immediate medical attention. If you sustain an injury that requires treatment, visit AFC Urgent Care Cedar Grove for quick diagnosis and treatment.

Types of Injuries Treated at AFC Urgent Care

Our urgent care center is open seven days a week, with extended evening and weekend hours available to accommodate your schedule and the unpredictable nature of accidents. Some injuries we can provide treatment for include:

  • Lacerations that require stitches
  • Fractures that require splinting or casting
  • Muscle sprain and strains
  • Minor burns
  • Splinters
  • Dislocated joints
  • Infections
  • Bug bites

Our walk-in urgent care is equipped with an on-site laboratory and digital radiology department, allowing us to perform necessary diagnostic imaging and testing without leaving our facility. If more specialized treatment is required to ensure that you fully heal, we will be able to refer you to a specialist more in tune with your needs. Digital x-rays allow us to capture images quickly, using less radiation than traditional films, and allow the technician to zoom in and out, diagnosing each part of the injury to prevent chronic pain.

Walk-In Injury Diagnosis & Treatment in Cedar Grove, NJ

If you have sustained an injury that requires medical treatment, visit AFC Urgent Care Cedar Grove. Most major health plans are accepted, and you can reduce your short wait time by checking in online. AFC Urgent Care Cedar Grove can be reached by calling 973-239-2300