We perform COVID-19 PCR testing, rapid testing, and antibody testing. This offering includes uninsured patients.

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What should I know about walk-in COVID-19 testing?

Currently, there are three types of tests for COVID-19: rapid testing, diagnostic PCR testing, and antibody testing. The diagnostic tests (rapid and PCR) are used to find an active strain of the virus. The antibody test is designed to find antibodies that fought against the virus, at least two weeks after exposure. When coming in …

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Can I Still Get the Flu Shot?

The best time to get a flu shot is right before flu season. Flu season typically falls between the fall and winter months, and getting vaccinated can decrease your chances of catching the flu, and giving it to others. You should aim to have your flu shot by the end of October, but getting it …

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Winter 2020 – What You Need to Know About the Flu, Cold, and COVID-19

2020 has been an interesting year. As winter approaches and the year comes to an end, it doesn’t appear the inconveniences of 2020 are going anywhere anytime soon. The best thing you can do to continue leading as normal of a life as possible this winter is to stay informed and stay prepared. The COVID-19 …

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Frequently Asked Questions About Coronavirus

What is the novel coronavirus? The novel coronavirus, also known as COVID-19, is an upper respiratory infection quickly spreading worldwide, with 427 positive cases identified in New Jersey. COVID-19 is a previously unseen virus, so much is unknown about it at this time including a vaccination. The virus is spread through direct contact with people, …

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Importance of Proper Handwashing 

We’ve been told from a very young age to wash our hands, but do you know why it’s actually important? Many people wash their hands because they’re supposed to, but not understanding why it’s so important can lead to lazy hand washing techniques and infrequent washing. Let’s take a closer look and find out why …

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Turkey Carving Safety Tips

The holiday season, starting on Thanksgiving and lasting through New Year’s, is a great time to get together with your friends and family to catch up, give thanks for the good things from the year past and look forward to what the future may hold. However, one part of the holidays may lead to stress …

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