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Sports and Camp Physicals

Sports and Camp Physicals in Cedar Grove, NJ

Most extracurricular programs require student-athletes to undergo a pre-participation physical prior to the start of the sports season, or before enrolling in a camp program.  Pre-participation physicals are used to measure a child’s health and fitness level for participation, as well as gauge the risk of injury. Pre-participation physicals are also administered to detect underlying health conditions that might hinder the child’s performance on the field or court. At AFC Urgent Care Cedar Grove, we provide sports and camp physicals to make sure your child is ready for the fun without the risk of getting hurt.  Our comprehensive physicals include:
  • Medical history review
  • Measure of heart rate, blood pressure, weight, and height
  • Examination of the child’s eyes, nose, ears, lungs, spine, and abdomen
  • Test the child’s flexibility, strength, balance, and posture
Don’t hesitate to get your child out on the field or sign up for summer camp!  Our urgent care center accepts walk-ins, so you don’t need an appointment to be seen.  With short wait-times, walk-ins accepted, and extended operating hours, we provide the convenience you need to accommodate your family’s busy schedule. For more information about sports and camp physicals, please call us at 973-239-2300.